final demo



Via Anguillarese, 301 00123 S.Maria di Galeria (Roma)
Massimo Morichi (CAEN s.p.a.)

This event is dedicated to the MICADO final demo, where we showcase the work performed during the project. For more info about the project please visit: Instrumentation for cleaning and decommissioning - MICADO Project (

The demo will be hosted by ENEA at its facilities one hour north of Rome, it will plan over two days with presentation, video and live activities. We encourage in person participation but online ZOOM room will be available.

The whole event will last about a week, the public even will be condensed in two days as shown in the time table.

  • Wednesday, January 25
    • The MICADO Final Demonstration
      Zoom Meeting ID
      Ferdinando Giordano
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      Conveners: Nadia Cherubini (ENEA), Erica Fanchini (CAEN s.p.a.), Bertrand PEROT (CEA), Giuseppe Marzo (ENEA)
  • Thursday, January 26
    • The MICADO Final Demonstration
      Conveners: Nadia Cherubini (ENEA), Erica Fanchini (CAEN s.p.a.)
      • 8:30 AM
        Registration and Welcome coffee
      • 14
        Introduction to Technical Tour and Grouping
        Speakers: Giuseppe Marzo (ENEA), Luigi Lepore (ENEA)
      • 15
        Nucleco Site: an overview
        Speaker: Monica Sisti
      • 16
        Technical Tour to installation

        C43 Lab (WP4 and WP5),
        Nucleco Temporary Storage (WP7)
        Nucleco Radiological Waste Treatment Plant

        Speakers: Giuseppe Marzo (ENEA), Nadia Cherubini (ENEA), Luigi Lepore (ENEA), Andrea Pepperosa (CAEN s.p.a.), Cyrille ELEON (CEA), Daniele Ninci (CAEN s.p.a.), Elio Poma (INFN - LNS), Giada Gandolfo (ENEA), Guillaume AMOYAL, Massimo Morichi (CAEN s.p.a.), Paolo Finocchiaro (INFN Laboratori Nazionali del Sud)
      • 1:00 PM
        Lunch break
      • 17
        KPI roundtable

        ORANO, Sogin, CAEN, EAB

        Speakers: Eric Breuil (Orano DS), Federica Pancotti, Marco Ripani (INFN, Genova, Italy), Massimo Morichi (CAEN s.p.a.), Paolo Peerani (European Commission)
      • 18
        Feedback, Questionnaire and Wrap up of the MICADO Final demo meeting
        Speaker: Massimo Morichi (CAEN s.p.a.)
      • 4:00 PM
        Coffee break