July 18, 2024
Asia/Kolkata timezone

CAEN India is proud to announce its second edition of the online school on waveform digitizers!

This school is designed for everyone eager to delve into the realm of CAEN digitizers or enhance their existing knowledge. Whether you're a university or doctoral student, a budding researcher, or a seasoned scientist from institutes and universities across India, this school is tailor-made for you.

The school spans approximately 2 hours and will be led by Massimo Venaruzzo (Director of CAEN India), Bruno Angelucci (Software Developer), Alberto Potenza (Firmware Designer) and Matteo Bianchini (Field Application Specialist) in collaboration with CAEN India's local team.

Our webinar program will feature an engaging hands-on session with our second-generation Digitizers. We will delve into the functionalities of the digitizer, its service web interface and DAQ softwares, WaveDump2, a Waveform recording software, and CoMPASS, a Multiparametric DAQ Software. Additionally, we will explain the firmware processing algorithm basic concepts and the open FPGA available capabilities.

We invite all enthusiasts to complete the registration form and join us on this exciting educational journey.

All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation. To be eligible for this certificate, attending the webinar live is essential. Ensure you connect to the provided Zoom webinar link at the scheduled event time.

Spread the word, and let's make this event a resounding success!

Registration for this event is currently open.